Thank you to the Board of the Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre for their countless hours of dedication and support as volunteers in our community.

We appreciate you!!!


  • President: Wil Smith
  • Vice President: Greg Mason
  • Secretary: Tim Redmond
  • Treasurer: Emma Kitchen and Gord Lane
  • Membership: Ghislain Henry
  • BeaverTales: Christine Anderson
  • Buildings: Chad Fraser
  • Jackrabbit: Graham Poole
  • Coaching: Ghislain Henry / Peter Wiltmann
  • Trails/Equip: Don Brisbane
  • GN Paddling: Lisa Robinson
  • Skiers Services: Andrew Fisher and Steve Krause
  • Marketing:  Andrew Fisher

Members at Large, Non-Board Member:

  • Coach Peter Wiltmann
  • GOPS Peter Istvan
  • GN Paddling Nicole Boyd
  • Website Sonya Felsman