Chalet Rental

Planning a special event or group function? Our chalet is available for rental during the spring, summer or early fall seasons.

Rentals include access to the chalet, including kitchen, washrooms and main outdoor area, which has plenty of free parking.

Contact us for more information and rental availability.

Rental Prices

Weekdays (Monday to Friday): $125 per day
Weekends (Friday to Sunday): $325
Full week (Monday to Sunday) or any 7 day interval: $750
Overnight use rental fee to be determined depending on needs.

It’s possible for school groups or charitable organizations to get discounts on rental pricing. Please contact us for more information.

For rentals involving multiple days, a discount may be applied to the total rental fee at the discretion of GNOAC.

Chalet Rental General Guidelines

  • A rental agreement, including costs and/or profit sharing, should be agreed upon in writing prior to the rental date.
  • Basic rentals consist of access to the chalet, including the kitchen, washrooms, main outdoor area and use of the parking area. All areas, including the chalet, are rented in “as-is” condition. GNOAC does not have the staffing or ability to remove equipment stored in the chalet or to alter outdoor areas when in general use or under maintenance.
  • If rental groups require access to further parts of Georgian Nordic (such as the trail system, land, workshop or other buildings), these must be requested specifically in advance and agreed upon by the GNOAC board or a board representative. Rental fees will be increased accordingly, at the discretion of GNOAC. Day-use fees will typically apply when trail use is requested (waivers required).
  • Trail fees and equipment-rental rates are reduced 20% with chalet rental.
  • If rental groups require overnight use, this needs to be requested in advance, and the rental fee may be adjusted accordingly.
  • Rental groups use the facilities at their own risk. Insurance coverage must also name GNOAC as being covered, and any waivers signed by participants must also excuse GNOAC from liability.
  • If a chalet attendant or other staffing is required, the cost will be added to the rental fee.
  • School groups or charitable organizations can apply to the board for special consideration on rental pricing.
  • Any costs for repairs or upgrades specific to the rental will be passed on to the rental group by the board and ideally agreed upon prior to the rental if possible.
  • For rental groups organizing fundraising or for-profit events at GNOAC, a hosting partnership with GNOAC would be preferred, including sharing of profits between the rental group and GNOAC.
  • Rental price adjustments for subsequent years should be considered by the board prior to the end of each calendar year and discussed at each AGM or the first winter-season meeting of the GNOAC board.
  • Rental pricing should be posted on the website and the bulletin board, along with a central contact for prospective renters to apply to (in order to coordinate rental dates and minimize schedule conflicts).