Jackrabbit Program

Hello All,

It is with deep regret that I am announcing the cancellation of this seasons’ in-person Jackrabbit program.  Due to the uncertainty from rolling COVID-19 announcements that challenges planning and wanting to ensure that we are doing our part to truly limit potential community spread, we’ve come to this difficult decision.
Next Steps:
You can Still ski and use the club! – We still want to support and encourage you to get your kids skiing!  Here is what are going to do to support that happening:
1)  We will post single family-focused activities that hopefully spark your child’s interest and gets them out skiing.
2)  Parents whose children are part of the Jackrabbit program but themselves are NOT members are permitted to use the club with their child(ren) when they are out (snowshoes or skis needed).
3)  We will email you with coaching/teaching pointers for you and your kids to help their learning.
4)  Jackrabbit kids will be able to have 2 free snowshoe rentals throughout the balance of the season (note – there are some great trails and adventures to be had off skis too!).
NOTE:  This announcement pertains only to the Jackrabbit Programs – if your child is in the Racing Rabbits program – a separate email update will be provided by those coaches.
Donation Receipt/Refund
These are unprecedented times for all of us.  IF, you are able to consider a donation of your Jackrabbit fee, we are very appreciative and will issue a receipt.
There are two aspects to the Jackrabbit fee:
1)  Jackrabbit Reg
2)  Membership
If you would like a refund, we will be able to provide you with a refund of 85% of the Jackrabbit fee.
We encourage you, regardless, to ski and your membership permits that.  If however, you only became a member for the Jackrabbit program and have no ability/intent to ski and use your membership, we will consider an 85% refund or charitable receipt of those fees as well.
Note, that if you request a refund for membership or charitable receipt you will not be able to use the facility until the club opens to non-members and then will be paying a day use fee.
Please email back with the following indications:
Jackrabbit Fee – Indicate:   Charitable Donation or Refund?
Membership Fee – Indicate: Keep skiing or Donation or Refund?
Refund method:  e-transfer? if yes – to which email should it be directed?  Cheque? – if so, to which mailing address?
A big thank you is due to all our coaches who have already committed time to getting ready for this season and will be disappointed.  I’d specifically like to thank Chris Chambers and Cam MacDonald as the incoming Jackrabbit coordinators for being amazing support in a challenging season and to Graham Poole, a past coordinator and ski club director for continuing to support our decision making for Jackrabbits through this time.
Take care and thanks.
Greg Mason

Jackrabbit Ski

Jackrabbits is a fun and encouraging learn-to-ski program for kids from 4 to 10 (or 12…or even 14 for some).  With a bevy of encouraging volunteer instructors, we ensure your kids are having fun and learning the fundamentals of cross-country skiing.

Even if you’re a bit older and have never skied, there’s a place for you.

The program generally runs every Saturday from the first week of January to the first weekend of March (with Family Day off) from 10am to 12pm.

We have games, treats, and a range of special events to keep you hopping (pun intended) with fun.


Bunnies: under six years (as young as 3 years old!) and accompanied by a parent.

Levels 1, 2 & 3: aged 6 to 9, focussed on classic technique.

Level 1 must have parental accompaniment.

Level 4: introduction to skate skiing techniques.

Track Attack – Recreational: aged 10 and older who wish to ski with a group (in skate or classic technique) and are recreational skiers.

Racing Rabbits: Georgian Nordic Racing Rabbits – aged 10 – 14 who wish to fine tune skills and train for competition!

We work hard to place kids where they’ll have the most fun and the greatest success – there is no precise science or categorization for this, so it is important to communicate well with us about your child’s needs and we likewise communicate well with you, our thoughts on placement.

There are two things you need to do to register:

1)  Club Membership Registration (individual student per child or family) (ALL Jackrabbit skiers must be a club member for insurance purposes.

2)  Jackrabbit session Registration


Your child has to be a member of the club in order to sign on to be in the Jackrabbit program (it is in this way that we cover insurance for the skier and club).  If the costs are too much, please reach out to me as the club sincerely wants to make skiing available for all, regardless of income circumstance.

We are capping regular Jackrabbit registration (outside Racing Rabbits) at 100 children.  We’re giving you, our past season Rabbits, the opportunity to register over the next week before promoting more widely to the broader club membership and community.

If you’re interested in exploring having your kids in Jackrabbits or thinking about coaching, drop me an email at gnsccjackrabbit@gmail.com


This is a volunteer-led program and we’ve been fortunate year after year to have an excellent crew of adult and teenaged instructors snowing up some fun.  BUT, we are always on the lookout for new folks.

You don’t have to be the world’s best skier, simply an ability to break down basic ski strokes and a willingness to learn will get you started.  The club offers the ability to sign up free for coaching programs and there are many current and past instructors more than willing to mentor you.  I’m biased, but it’s pretty exhilarating to see kids make it all the way to the bottom of a hill for the first time; get double polling and start moving quickly down the trail or nail that first kick turn.

Cancellation Policy

While we sincerely hope to run a program, we also know that things change rapidly.  In light of that, we are offering a cancellation refund for a part of the fees should we need to cancel all or a significant part of the season due to COVID.

Background info in light of COVID:

While COVID requires all of us to be adaptive and flexible, specifically, prior to registering, we feel you need to know the following:

1)  As a club, we are committed to offering services and programming that are safe for staff, volunteers and participants – SAFETY is our primary focus.  This is aided by guidance from Cross Country Ontario for the Jackrabbit program in light of COVID and guidance from the local Health Unit.

2)  The club house (BURROW) will only be available for accessing ski rentals and washrooms and limited to a capacity of 10 individuals.  This means that Jackrabbit groups will NOT have access to the club for warming up.  For those with younger kids, this will mean parents will likely need to be more accessible/available in case kids need a warm car to retreat to.

3)  Attentiveness and patience on communications and process from parents and skiers is essential as coaches and the club navigate the changes needed to ensure we are safe – thanks!

Jackrabbit Head Volunteers: Greg Mason, Chris Chambers, Cam MacDonald, Graham Poole