Staff Positions Open at GNOAC (Paid and Volunteer)

Georgian Nordic Outdoor Activity Centre (GNOAC) is looking for help in various roles as we head toward the 2022/2023 ski season. Please review the opportunities below and contact us by email at [email protected] if any catch your interest. Please include details about your relevant background and skills.


We are looking for a Grooming Co-ordinator. This volunteer (for now, with paid grooming and equipment-repair time) includes any or all of the following:

  • Prepare equipment for grooming, including minor maintenance and repairs.
  • Supervise trail-team staff, volunteers and contractors and communicate effectively with that team, as well as GNOAC members and the board of directors.
  • Ensure ski trails are groomed to a high standard from November to mid-March, weather permitting, according to a board-dictated grooming framework.
  • Operate snow machines, tractors, ATVs and grooming equipment. (Payment is provided for grooming and machine-operation time.)
  • Ensure parking lots are cleared.
  • Work in severe weather conditions and at irregular hours as required.

This position will be supported by grooming staff and a committee of the board, so any volunteer will have adequate mentoring and support. An hourly wage can be provided for grooming and repair times throughout the winter months.


We are seeking individuals who are comfortable driving a snow machine, working at odd hours and who ideally have a sense of what a good-quality ski trail should look like. 

Comfort with small chain saws, repairs and troubleshooting all sorts of interesting challenges, as well as the ability to lift a degree of weight, are all assets for this work.  

Groomers are paid a modest amount for their time. Shifts are generally shorter (two to three hours) and somewhat sporadic (dependent on weather and grooming needs). Ideally, folks interested in a multi-year commitment would approach us, as there is definitely a learning curve. 

Burrow Chalet Attendant/Co-ordinator

We are looking for folks to assist Andrew, who is our board member designated to manage the Burrow/Chalet. Tasks include:

  • Greeting members and visitors, providing a pleasant visitor experience and collegially enforcing trail-use rules. 
  • Communicating with grooming and website staff to provide daily trail-condition updates.
  • General fitting and recommendations of rental equipment for day-use visitors.
  • Handling equipment-rental and day-use fees.
  • Working with other attendant staff to co-ordinate scheduling.
  • Cleaning the Burrow/Chalet, kitchen and washrooms, and light snow shovelling.
  • Assisting with event preparation where possible, including Jackrabbits, races, etc.

These are modestly paid positions of $17.50 per hour (attendants) to $20 to $21 per hour for the co-ordinator/attendant role.


We are looking for a bookkeeper to support our treasurer, take care of the week-to-week payment of bills and keep Georgian Nordic’s books in order. We anticipate this being a five- to eight-hour-a-week role through the late fall and winter months and considerably less through spring and summer. We are happy to pay for this role.

Volunteer Co-ordination

Georgian Nordic relies significantly on volunteer efforts. Managing and communicating with those volunteers, and putting them in touch with various committee or activity leads, is an important role. An organized, friendly person who can keep people engaged and supported in volunteering would be a huge asset to GNOAC.