Parry Sound 50: July 15, 2023 Race!

Starts: 10 AM 50k and 1 PM 5k and 17k
Registration online now
Check in starting at 8 AM Nine Mile Lake Beach Park
Adult fee$40; 18 yrs and under $15

The location of the race is Nine Mile Beach Park. To get there, drive North of Parry Sound on Hwy 400, take Hwy 124 to the right.

Nine Mile Lake Rd is 5K east of Hwy 400 on the left. Take Nine Mile Lk Rd to the end.

Classes and Distances

All classes 50k (if one paddler under 15, the other paddler must be over 18), 17k, 5k. Portages: 2, 1 is paddler only, runs up beach, not the boat.

50k is 3 loops of Nine Mile Lake with short 30m portage on the beach at end of each loop. Each boat will be required to have one paddler run up beach. Boats do not need to be carried. Paddlers can leave food and drinks on portage/beach to pick up after each loop.

5k is short loop on Nine Mile Lake.

Other Notes

Canoes, OCs, DBs and SUPs all must use single bladed paddles except pack boats. Kayaks must use double bladed paddles.

All participants must meet Coast Guard safety requirements including PFD in boat for each person, noise maker, bailing bucket (unless exempt), throw rope. Inflatable approved PFDs are permitted but must be worn. Any non-swimmers MUST WEAR an approved PFD!! All participants 18 and under MUST wear an
approved PFD.

Participants are responsible to ensure they are physically capable of undertaking this physically demanding event.

Course is deep water, few or no weeds to catch on rudders. Most of course is sheltered from most wind directions. Little or no boat traffic. If you have a self-propelled watercraft we will make you a class! This includes but is not limited to:


  • Marathon C1, C2, C4
  • Stock boats (regular canoes 17’ to 18.6’)
  • Rec boats (reg. canoes 17’) or less, C2 & C4
  • Slow C (really slow canoes like aluminum or plastic)
  • North Canoe, 26’ +/- paddled by 6 to 12
  • SUP, short & long


  • Racing: surf skies, ICF
  • Sea kayaks
  • Short kayaks
  • Pack boats; any solo rec canoe used with a kayak paddle


  • OC1, OC2, OC6

Dragon Boat

  • 20 person or 10 person