Trails update – December 5th, 2023

Until the trails and Activity Centre are fully open for the ski season, we continue to invite ALL users to share and enjoy the trails. In order to minimize conflict and maximize enjoyment for all, we kindly ask that you respect the following: ALL users should exercise CAUTION – conditions do not permit us to […]

Notice of Re-zoning Application

At the request of the Municipality of McDougall, GNOAC has applied for the rezoning of a small portion of the club lands. This includes the stadium area where the existing Chalet and Garage are located. The application seeks to more properly rezone the current “Rural” designation into “Open Space”. The rezoning is required by the […]

Last day of skiing!

On the last day of the trails being open for skiing, we wanted to thank the groomers, skier service staff, and coaches for helping make this a great season!  Looking forward to seeing you mountain biking, hiking and dog walking out on the trails soon! Trails are officially closed on April 3rd. This means that […]

Chalet/Burrow closed for the season

With the end of the another fantastic ski season, the Chalet (also known locally as the Burrow) is now closed. Staff will no longer be on site. Spring skiing conditions exist. There is still plenty of snow on some trails, while others have started to lose snow, revealing bare patches and exposed granite. As the […]

Trail Conditions Updates

Please see the Current Trail Conditions page for regular updates and grooming notes. Conditions will also be updated on social media as regularly as possible.